Dioser is a specialist real estate investment company focused on investing in hotel properties in Africa.

We target African key locations which enjoy high tourism, business and exhibitions. These markets offer favorable fundamentals that will support profit and growth in the foreseeable future. The hotels are operated by international renowned chains through a management contract.


Origin of the name

The name Dioser refers to Africa in honor of Egyptian pharaoh Joser. His reign (2691 -2625 B.C.) was notably marked by a long period of economic prosperity.

It is especially under Joser the Egyptian royal tombs took the famous pyramid shape we know today.

Dioser Fund

Dioser Fund is incorporated under the number 6095617 in the state of Delaware in the United States of America.

The United States office of the company is located at 144, 5th Avenue (Manhattan) in New York.

Phone: +1 91 79 93 73 80

Dioser S.A.

Dioser SA is the african branch incorporated in Mali with an initial capital of 560,000 USD.

The office is located in Hamdallaye ACI 2000, BP: E5446, Bamako – MALI.



Highly experienced management with strong track-record in asset management and hotel operations.
Dioser is driven by a passionate and visionary team.


Mr. Daouda COULIBALY is the founder and the CEO of Dioser.

Former roles include: Founder and CEO of the training center TRAINIS, Mr. Coulibaly was also a consultant for hotel feasibility studies in Africa. He is a skilled and confirmed expert in project management. Mr. Coulibaly is also the founder of the African hotel booking platform called HOTELOON.

Education: MBA at “Sorbone Business School (IAE)”, Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne University, France. Project Management at STS, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Director & Mentor - Cesse KOME

Mr. Kome is a renowned and successful west African hotel investor with his company Khoira Hotel Investment.

He already owns 3 high level 5-star hotels: Radisson Blu Bamako (Mali), Radisson Blu Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) and the future Sheraton Hotel of Bamako (Mali).

He is on Dioser’s board and enriches the company of his proven experience in the hotel industry in Africa.

Business Developer - Grégoire LOPEZ-RIOS

Mr. Lopez is appointed Business Developer (in Africa) at Dioser following a number of successful roles in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Former roles include: CEO of the hotel booking platform called Hoteloon; Developer of tourism projects in the Rhone-Alpes Region in France.

Education: Master in Tourism and Hospitality, Paris Sorbonne University, France.



The Company trusts that the business environment in Africa will provide abundant development opportunities in the attractive markets it targets, to support its growth strategy in the medium to long term.

Dioser positions itself as an expert for optimizing the value chain - starting from the development or acquisition stage, whereby it benefits from strong connections to deal sources, through forming the most advantageous management and operation structure for each hotel asset individually.





Dioser’s area of expertise and focus is in responding to the growing demand for hotels of 3 to 5 star categories in Africa, by developing new projects or efficiently utilizing available distressed and mismanaged properties. Dioser benefits from its proven and established business model, from its experienced management team and its profound know-how on how to correctly address the unique challenges of each deal.

Dioser’s management believes it is well positioned in this exclusive niche, benefitting from the demand gap, where it can most efficiently tap into its strongest competitive advantages.

Dioser produces significant value during the turnaround process and benefits from high cash flow yields of the repositioned and stabilized properties.



Emblematic building of the city of Bamako located in the heart of the new business district ACI 2000, the future Golden Tulip hotel Bamako is a resort of 140 luxury rooms.

The hotel has, in addition, a shopping center, a spa, a swimming pool, 2 restaurants and numerous meeting and conference rooms and banquet facilities.

This first 5-star hotel of Dioser will be managed and operated under the prestigious Golden Tulip brand of French Louvre Hotels Group.




Receive an annual profitability of 8% (fixed interest rate) on your investment!
For details on this investment opportunity, please contact-us today.

Investors Relations Email Address: invest@dioser.com


Dioser Fund


Mail Address: 30, Broad Street, 14th Floor, 10004 New York - USA.

Phone: +1 91 79 93 73 80

Email: invest@dioser.com

Dioser S.A.


Address: Hamdallaye ACI 2000, BP: E5446, Bamako – MALI.

Phone: +223 20 22 07 07
Email: contact@dioser.com